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Public Speaking Institute
I recently worked with Andy to improve my comfort level while delivering speeches. He gave me helpful tips that helped me deliver a more powerful speech.

Lennox Lewis
Three Time Heavyweight Champion of the World

Public Speaking Institute

Andy's dynamic, entertaining, and informative 3 hour workshop for our 2010 and 2011 Leadership Academy was terrific. Andy's experience as a prominent trial attorney and a real estate broker makes him uniquely qualified to teach our agents how to be better speakers, communicators, presenters, and sales people. Great presentation.

Sharon Lindblade
The Director of Professional Development of The Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale

Public Speaking Institute

Andy presented his workshop Communicate Like a Champion to my organization. I had my employees from the service level, managerial, and corporate level attend. Everybody loved this workshop and gained tremendous insight into what it takes to be a great communicator in every situation. Andy was entertaining, educational, and highly motivational. Take his course!

Patricia Nardone
Owner of five Dunkin Donuts franchises in Palm Beach County

Public Speaking Institute

Andy’s personal coaching improved my courtroom presentation, confidence, and public speaking skills. I simply became a much more accomplished trial lawyer.

Mark Shiner
Criminal Defense Attorney
West Palm Beach, Florida

Public Speaking Institute

Andy taught me the specific techniques that he uses to “own the courtroom” and I learned to use them on the stage. Take Andy’s course and you will see immediate results.

Kent Kasper
Professional Comedian and Actor
Los Angeles, California

Lennox Lewis
Communicate like a Champion
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